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Recap: Warriors 88, Clippers 81

Scramble ye Warriors! From your slumber arise.
The Clippers are in town; is Victory their prize?
Pretty they are NOT; Cassell and Kaman are here,
Livingston like Ludicris; All-Ugly they were!

Boxscore | AP Recap

Normally I'd make fun of you here Mike, but frankly, I wouldn't touch him either.

But as nasty their looks, these nomads brought skill.
Many times they have schooled us; scored on us at will.
What ho? We are Baron-less! Shall we throw in the towel?
And Beidrins where are you?! Who'll excessively foul?!

These times they look dark. Prepare for the shame.
10 pt loss predictions (Fantasy Junkie) was the name of the game.
Maybe they'll give the Arena a show and they'll put up a fight.
Maybe forget our misgivings and OWN the Clippers tonight...

When the whistle first blew, and the players set in,
It must have struck them somehow, "We need BOARDS for the win!"
Eleven for Foyle; and three swats in their face!
Diogu (10) and Richardson (10); were not out of the race.

With a flash of defense and points scored when in need,
I too, was ecstatic to hold a 24 point lead.
But as true Dubs fans know, t'was too good of a run,
Outscored by 9 in the fourth, there's still work to be done.

Greater details, let's talk! In comments post your take!
For with a win under our belt, we wish to all...


- Golden State of Mind

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