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OPEN THREAD: All-Star Saturday

It's that time again. The weekend when all the stars come out and show off their skills. It's All-Star Weekend and the Warriors faithful are left to cheer for other team's players. But that's not so bad this year. Remember, the broadcast jumps off at 5pm on TNT. Check out the lineup for tonight:

Skills Competition
Surprisingly, this is an entertaining event as guards dribble, pass, and shoot their way through a series of obstacles. Steve Nash is the defending champ, but some young guns are trying to take the crown away from him. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Paul look to show off their skills tonight.

Prediction: Nash wins again.

3-Point Shootout
The NBA assembled a curious lineup for this one. I understand Ray Allen, Chauncey Billups, and Dirk Nowitzki since they're stars who can shoot the 3, but two others don't seem worthy of this competition. The last guy Jason Terry is deserving as he's shooting 42% from the arc and is 6th in 3's made.

Gilbert Arenas is shooting 34% from 3. While he's a great scorer, he's not a great 3 point shooter. For comparison, Billups and Arenas have both made 113 three point attempts, but Billups has done that on 67 less shots.

Quentin Richardson is even worse at 32% from 3 point distance and he's not even playing well this year. He's in this competition based on what he did last year.

Prediction: Ray Allen. Smoothest, most effortless stroke in the game.

Slam Dunk Contest
If only JRich could compete again. He was awesome, wasn't he? Best slam dunk competitor since the 2000 competition when Vince won. This year we once again have the young guys competing (and thankfully, no Chris Anderson).

Yesterday, Andre Igoudala showed off a little what he has in store for tonight. If that's any indication of him just getting started, he's going to put on a show. Hakim Warrick, long and incredibly athletic, will try to make a name for himself tonight. Nate Robinson, all 5 foot 9 inches, will be the crowd favorite as he tries to pull off his best Spud Webb imitation. Word is, he was dunking a volleyball in middle school and dunking when he was 5'4". Finally, last year's champ, Josh Smith comes back to keep hold of the crown. He put on quite a show last time with some crazy hops, but it will be tougher this year with a stiffer competition.

Check out the Best Dunk Contest Dunks from 2001-2004.

Prediction: The little guy. Nate Robinson.

Leave your predictions in our comments section and as the contest play out, leave some comments.

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