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Recap: Warriors 92, Clippers 105

Originally posted January 22, 2006 by Atma Brother ONE

It's a good thing this game wasn't televised in the Bay Area because the Warriors got stomped on by another Pacific division foe.

This is the closest the Warriors came to grabbing a board today.(AP Photo)

Even without seeing the game on TV, we can sum up the loss in 5 sentences.

  1. The Warriors didn't start playing defense until the 2nd quarter giving up 37 points in the first!
  2. The Clips DOMINATED the boards with 49 Rodmans to the Dub's 27.
3.Not only is Chris Kaman good looking, but he's got GAME (17 points, 15 boards, 4 blocks).
Air Kaman was in Da House?(AP Photo)
  1. Mike Dunleavy came back down to Earth (3 for 11 FG and 0 for 3 3pt).
    Troy doesn't know what Mike is doing here. Neither do we. (AP Photo)
  2. Monty refuses to give Ike (8 minutes) and Pietrus (11 minutes) a chance. Both Dunleavy and Murphy, the Warriors starting forwards, had poor showings, but still logged over 32 minutes a game each. Give Ike and Pety a chance! (Sorry that was 7 sentences for those of you counting)
Warrior Wonder
Baron (22 points) and Jrich (23 points) had pretty good scoring nights, but FSN Bay Area deserves some props for not televising this sorry outing.

Anyone catch the game in LA or on League Pass? Drop your knowledge in the comments.

The Warriors face off against the Clips tomorrow night in Oakland. Redemption or continued schooling?

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