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Midterm Report Card for the Warriors

Originally posted January 27, 2006 by Atma Brother ONE

The Warriors are at the halfway point of the 2005-2006 season. After 41 games the Warriors stand 19 and 22 good for a .463 winning percentage. 11th place in the Western Conference and 3rd in the Pacific. Probably not what Warriors Nation was expecting, but honestly- when have things ever gone according to plan for the Dubs? Let's see how the Warriors have done in the first 41 games:

Baron Davis: B
Boom Dizzle has dazzled Warrior fans with his dimes (9 a game), but struggled with his shooting and shot selection. Baron's had some trouble defending some of the quicker guards in the league.

Jason Richardson: A-
Aside from hitting free throws (only 66.2%), there isn't much more you can ask for offensively (nearly 23ppg, 6boards, and 3 assists). Defensively JRich is improving as well. Near All Star effort.

Mike Dunleavy: D+
I don't think there is another team in the NBA stupid enough to play Dunleavy over 32 minutes a game. His scoring (10.9ppg) and rebounding (4.7rpg) have regressed from both last season and two seasons ago. Pretty sorry defense aside from a handful of suprising, but welcome games. There is no reason Mike should be shooting three pointers (23.8%).

Troy Murphy: C
T-Double's rebounding is down from nearly 11 a game last season to 9 this year, but he's showing us more offensive skills. Defense is Charmin' soft.

Adonal Foyle: D+
If you play Adonal 10-15 minutes a game he's amazing energy off the bench. Unfortunately he's a starter and paid like a star.

Derek Fisher: C
Good guy, not so good point guard. Streaky shooter at best. Never met a shot he didn't like.

Mickael Pietrus: Incomplete
He's only played 18 out of 41 games. It's tough to assess MP2 with the bizzare minutes Monty gives him. Absolutely no reason why he shouldn't be starting over Dunleavy. When the Warriors are always giving up so many points in the first quarter, you think you'd insert some defense into the starting lineup.

Andris Biedrins: D-
You love the guy's energy, but he's more likely to foul than grab a rebound, block a shot, or score. Still very raw and hasn't show any real improvement.

Ike Diogu: C
Nice kid, but a poor man's Corliss Williamson? Let's hope not.

Zarko Cabarkapa: D+
If he got Dunleavy's minutes, he'd probably put up similar numbers... and that's not a good thing.

Calbert Cheaney: C-
This former flop (#6 overall pick) brings some needed veteran leadership, but he should NEVER be playing (1.8ppg in 10.4minutes per game). Warriors Nation doesn't call him "the towel" for nothing. Still, his teammates seems to appreciate his influence.

Chris Taft: Incomplete
Too bad the kid's faced so many back problems. He might be able to help this team.

Monta Ellis: Incomplete
Honestly, who knows how good or bad this kid can be? When he does get some minutes, you have to love his hustle.

Coach Mike Montgomery: D-
He'd probably be fired by now on any other team.

Warriors Front Office: F
Unless some other team is dumb enough to trade for some horrendous contracts, this is your Golden State Warriors lineup for the next 2-3 years. Not bad enough to be at the top of the lottery, but not good enough to do better than the 7th or 8th seed. Aw good times!

Warrior Girls: A+
DJ Fuzzy Logic will cover this soon...

Junior Jam Squad: A+
The kids are off the hook!

Team Thunder: A+
Their jams are almost as good as JRich's.

Thunder and the big inflatable Thunder: A+
I luv that big Thunder and his headbutt!

Golden State Warriors BLOG: A+
We're a great time out!

You: A+
Thanks for your support! We love your comments. You guys drop more science than Jim Barnett (and I like the guy!).

Make sure to drop your grades in the comments.

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