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What's Golden?

Coming to you LIVE from SBNation it's...


It's the Golden State Warriors BLOG crew, but now part of the world famous SBNation. We're happy and honored to be part of the Nation. It's a big step forward.

And introducing the Starting 5 for YOUR GOLDEN STATE OF MIND...
Atma Brother ONE: From #1 to just ONE (like MC Hammer -> Hammer -> MC Hammer)
DJ Fuzzy Logic: This future professor drops science on the regular
Fantasy Junkie: Like the NBA, he's FANtastic!
Hash: Fresh and funnier than Comedy Central
YaoButtaMing: Provides inside access to the Warriors

For those of you who are new to our hyphy style, make sure to check out our past work over at the Golden State Warriors BLOG. There's tons of fun stuff in the archives over there.

For our friends who have traveled with us from our old spot to our new home here at SBNation...

What's going to change? Not much! We're still going to drop Warriors new, hype, rumors, humor, science, history, and fashion in the HYPHY-EST way possible.

What's different? Expression. One of the biggest reasons we made the move to SBNation was because they have historically been a great forum for fans to have a voice (definitely create a DIARY) and discuss (our COMMENTS threads will be much more vibrant).

And remember... WE'RE A GREAT TIME OUT!

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