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Rise of the Trade Machine

With the end of another great set of All Star festivities without any Warriors presence and some great trivia supplied by DJ Fuzzy Logic, it's time to turn our attention to the quickly approaching annual NBA trade deadline. We should see some real trading action happen before the Thursday (February 23rd) deadline. Some of the big names that could go are Steve Francis, Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, Penny Hardaway (for the expiring contract and Nike Air Penny I's), Carlos Boozer, Earl Watson, and Nene. The Warriors NEED a shakeup, but don't be surprised if they don't make a deal. Their most tradeable asset is Mickael Pietrus, but we'd hate to see him go. Had the Warriors not given Mike Dunleavy that inexplicable early contract extension last summer, he could be another potential trade asset. The Warrior roster reeks of some of the worst contracts in the league, so it's going to be hard for the Warriors to make a deal. For the Warriors to move some of those contracts, they're going to need to take on an even bigger contract.

Still, we can't help but dream...

Damn, I hate to see Adonal go, but I think Warriors Nation can look beyond that and enjoy this move if it ever happened.

Definitely play around with ESPN's new Trade Machine. Post whatever fabulous trades you can concoct in the comments.

It's fun playing Warriors GM because quite frankly it's not that hard to do better.

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