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Where do they find these guys?

Anyone with ties to the Bay Area will undoubtedly throw up some major Yay Area Pride (something even A's, Giants, 49ers, and Raiders fans can all agree on!). For those of you who don't know the Bay like we do, it's one of the most conscious areas on the planet. You can't find a more diverse hotspot. The Bay Area is not about tolerance (i.e. putting up with someone else), it's about understanding (i.e. showing love and respect to all people).

Yesterday the Warriors fired their PR manager Eric Govan who was stupid enough to email out a racist email titled "Ghetto prom" to media contacts. This is the second shady public relations move from a Bay Area sports team in the past 9 months. Back in June 2005 Kirk Reynolds, the 49ers public relations director, resigned after a tasteless racist and homophobic low-budget video was exposed by the SF Chronicle.

Honestly- where do they find these guys? All the great people in the Bay Area and the higher ups in the Warriors and 49ers font offices have to hire these clowns? It's embarrassing and disrespectul to great people of the Bay.

Show us some respect. Bay Area sports fans are some of the best in the world. We deserve nothing but the best.

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