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Recap: Warriors 109, Timberwolves 77

The Warriors needed a big win badly and who better to blow out than KG + Kevin McHale's garbage- I mean the Timberwolves?

Adonal and KG think they can beat Jerry Rice in Dancing with the Stars. (AP Photo)
This game was a straight D-Light with a capital D for all Warriors fans. The Wolves are one of the Western Conference teams that the Warriors HAVE to beat as they are in direct competition for the final playoff spot. The Dubs played so well that the banged up Boom- Rich backcourt could rest for most of the second half. Let's hope they can come out again this strong on Monday against the Nuggets.

Every Warrior player looked good last night. Warriors Nation isn't used to blowouts, but man- I think we can get used to these. On a bum ankle Boom Dizzle dropped 6 dimes, 5 boards, and collected 2 swats in 20 minutes. Coming off a back injury, JRich came back strong from his painful back injury with 23 points and 7 boards in 30 minutes.

Troy Murphy outplayed Kevin Garnett. T-Double outplayed KG. T-Murph outplayed the Big Ticket. Troy outplayed Kevin. (Sorry, I had to say that as many different ways as possible for emphasis). T Myphy (think Hyphy for 6'10 white guys) has been huge on both offense and defense against All Star power forwards like Elton Brand and KG the past few weeks. Great to see Troy playing so well.

Starter Mickael Pietrus (sounds good- doesn't it?) put in a solid 17 points, 6 boards, and 2 assists to go along with some good defense. After getting pretty much nothing from our 3 spot this season, we'll take it!

Mike Dunleavy hit his open shots last night and put in a pretty nice game. It's almost surreal when he knocks down his open shots. Hopefully, he can continue to hit wide open shots in a bench role.

The Warriors bench stepped up. Andris Biendrins aka the Human Foul Machine was incredibly active defensively in his 16 minutes of play. Great to see the kid only collect 3 fouls in 16 minutes to stay on the floor for some needed energy. (I'm dead serious about a foul in a little over every 5 minutes progress for Biendrins.) Ike pitched in 12 points as well. Fish had an awful shooting night (0 for 7), but came away with 7 assists.

Q: What happens when the Warriors shoot 90% from the charity stripe?
A: A 32 point win. Make those free throws free points and we're back in business fellas.

Q: What happens when the Warriors only take 14 take 3pt attempts?
A: A 32 point win. Shot selection is not just meant for Adonal Foyle.

As much as we were loving the PHAT W, YaoButtaMing and I couldn't help but feel bad for KG while we were watching the game. He looked depressed. Honestly, how hard is it to build a playoff team around KG? He's a top 5 player that brings it every night. I'd take him on my team any day. Many Warriors fans can't believe Chris Mullin and company still have jobs, but have you ever wondered why Kevin McHale still has a job? He might be one of the worst GM's in the history of the NBA. McHale threw away 5 1st round picks for Joe Smith. The Warriors only threw away 1!

2 words: FREE KG.

And hey- we're happy to team him up with the Boom-Rich connection if McHale is interested . We'll even find a way to get him Joe Smith!

Warrior Wonder Mike Montgomery. I know what you're thinking- "WHAT? This guy should be on the hot seat!" True, but it looks like Monty is ready to send Mike Dunleavy for some pine time, while fan favorite and energy player Mickael Pietrus becomes our new starting 3. Without both Baron and Fisher out at the beginning of last night's game, Dun got the start at point guard after being demoted from the starting lineup. Looks like the Warriors coaching staff finally got the message.

Dunleavy has earned himself a fat D+ for his performance in the first 41 games of the season. If you think about Dunleavy's career, he's never had to earn the starting job or minutes with the Warriors. He's been handed the job with a silver spoon. Props to Monty for yanking the silver spoon out of his mouth. Dun has played poorly this season, complained to refs a little too loudly, and called out his teammates in the media. Make no mistake. Air France deserves to start over Dunleavy. Many fans were calling for Pietrus to start back in early December.

Our new starting Small Forward (!) takes it to the hole strong. (AP Photo)

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