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Trading For a Big Man

We have problems down low which I documented in a previous post. In that post, I wrote about trading Baron for the chance at a big time big man. But let's be a little more realistic and take a look at some lower tier big men that could help the team out.

(Photo - Utah Jazz)
Carlos Boozer - Utah Jazz
This guy is injury prone. He hasn't played in a LONG time. He's going to take a couple weeks to get back into shape as he's just practicing again with the Jazz, but when healthy he can be a force down low with potential for averaging 20-10. He can score, defend, and rebound with his wide body which would give the Warriors a big man who can complement the drive and dish of Baron. The Jazz are possibly looking for a shooter or a scorer as their top leading scorer is Mehmet Okur at 18 per. Right now the team is AK47 and Okur. If Boozer comes back that will be huge for their playoff push, but it seems they need some perimeter help right now. Someone who can handle the ball and create offense. Think they're interested in Mike Dunleavy? I don't mind teaming Boozer and Murphy down low. While neither is a center, both are good rebounders and Boozer's inside game allows Murphy to step outside where he's more comfortable.

(Photo - AP)
Tyson Chandler - Chicago Bulls
Chandler sure would shore up the center position and bring a nice defensive presence to the paint. He can score and rebound well, is athletic enough to run the break, and is still very young (23). He's been playing extremely well recently after a very slow start. He's got loads of potential, but has yet to tap it. He's shown flashes of becoming a possible perennial All-Star, but is not consistent enough to make the jump to that status. It will be tough to deal for Chandler since Chicago is looking for big men. So a swap of Diogu or Biedrins plus Dunleavy might pique their attention. I'd actually love to package Chandler with Duhon to get a center plus an excellent backup PG. Duhon is not flashy, but he knows how to run an offense and he'll play solid defense. With him, the Warriors could give Baron a rest and also play Duhon at the point and let Baron play the off-guard every now and then.

(Photo - Getty Images)
Kenyon Martin - Denver Nuggets
I would love to have this guy on the team. His salary is very high, but he's an athletic, intimidating shot blocker and is a big man who can finish on the break with Baron. Our frontcourt is not athletic at all. Murphy and Foyle are slow footed. While Biedrins has played well the past few games and he has shown himself to be athletic with shot blocking skills, but he's still very raw and I don't trust him to man the middle. Denver wants to a shooter as well, and we could offer them Dunleavy as well. Their uptempo style should suit Zarko well also as he's a big man with offensive skills that could pair up nicely with Camby and Melo. Packaging Kmart with Earl Watson to become a backup PG would be nice except for the fact that he just signed a relatively large contract for a backup PG (think Derek Fisher sized contract).

(Photo - Getty Images)
Zach Randolph - Portland Trailblazer
This guy may be the most talented of this list of big men. He's proven that he can average 20-10 over the course of a whole season. The past couple years he's regressed a bit, but he's still young (24) and can be molded into a scoring machine on the block. The main knock on him has been immaturity and that he's not great for team chemistry. If he brings it every night and contributes to the team's success that's all that matters.

What do you think of these big men? Would you be willing to give up some young talent to acquire their services? Or do we need to aim a little lower in terms of which big men to trade for?

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