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Recap: Warriors 111, Heat 106

Are you kidding me? I think I have unlocked the secret to our Warriors success. Pressure. You see here we are too late in the season to have a chance to realistically make the playoffs, lose to a bunch of no named teams, and we blow out the Miami Heat with star guard Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'neal. How you say? Well I have two theories to this matter:

1)    The first is the most obvious one. The guy we call J Rich. Not a star anymore, but a super-STUD! Scoring a career high 44 points, Jason took over the game as a superstar should making a franchise record 5 for 5 3pointers in the first half. What looked like a fantastic match up previously played in Atlanta, Jason squared off against D Wade who ended the night with 42. In the last five games J Rich has reached a level I have not seen him play before. He is averaging around 35 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. Essentially putting this team on his back and picking up the slack of his teammates.

This is what Warrior Nation has been waiting for. Could the real J Rich please stand up! Are we as fans and the media ready? How come I don't see Jason's pick up on ESPN or SI? Why do we hear about the other stars in the league that get picked for all-stars and the US team, but fail to see that we have one of the best players in the league playing in Oakland? Is it because he is well mannered and soft spoken?

Regardless of anything else, Jason quoted after the game that he has something to prove to himself, the fans and the league. Being snubbed from the All-stars hurt all of us, but to be left off the US Team, is ridiculous! Granted AI didn't make the squad, Jason should have been invited.

Jason I implore you to please take this opportunity to become the chosen one. You now know you have what it takes to take us to the promise land. Let everyone else be by your side and just do it!

Apart from Rich, only Monta and Murph helped seal the deal. Murph came up big with some nice shots and huge rebounds as Monta supplied excellent defense. Its time to give our young ones a chance to build around Jason. Great win for the Warriors, sour it had to come a little too late in the season.

2)    Bringing in Baron Davis was supposed to help us get into the playoffs. That didn't happen. With injuries aside when I saw this team last night I was embarrassed and frustrated because with the talent level we have, how on earth are we going to miss the playoffs once again?

So not to beat a dead horse but it seems as though our coaching staff and mentality caused us to miss the playoffs this year. Last year we ended the season as one of the hottest teams in the league. Why? Because we had nothing to lose or play for. There wasn't any pressure. Now that we are mathematically almost eliminated from reaching what we all thought we could ... we start to beat the elite teams?

I want to hear from you fans. What changes in the off-season need to be made? Baron, Dunleavy, Foyle all stunk last night. I hope they pick it up for the next game.

Warrior Wonder: The Chosen One!

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