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Late Season Push?

I was reading the SF Gate's article on the Warriors playing spoiler, and just had to comment on some of the parts.

"The Warriors won 34 games last season. They're on pace for 34 wins again this season."
That's quite scary considering the high hopes that we all had to begin the season. This means that a full season of Baron, the maturity of JRich and Biedrins, plus the addition of 3 rookies amounted to absolutely nothing in terms of wins.

The way the Warriors are playing, they'll be pushing to reach 30...
That's even scarier than being on pace to match last season's win total. What's even scarier is that this quote might be right. They've lost 9 of 11 and do not look like they're going to pull out of their downward spiral. It's nice that they've had the lead in the 4th quarter of many games which means that they play well up until then, but a loss is still a loss. In the beginning of the season we talked about how they needed to learn how to win, well how long does the learning process take? Right now, I think they get tentative in the 4th and basically, they choke. These are professional players, they can hit free throws and open jumperse in their sleep. They just can't hit them with the game on the line.

"It's pretty hard to be in that playoff race now, but we'll play the role that we've always been playing: the spoilers," Jason Richardson said. "People that mess up other people's season and we're going to beat teams we're not supposed to beat."

Here we are again. No hope for the playoffs, just a chance to knock off a team that has a chance at the playoffs. 12th season in a row this has happened. They need to use this time to develop the young guys and create team chemistry for guys you know will be around next season. It's important to finish strong, but I'd rather lose a few extra games to give the young guys valuable experience. Like stop letting Zarko play, limit Adonal to under 10 minutes and let Ike and Biedrins do or die on the floor, limit Baron because he still has to recover from the ankle injury, limit Fisher so we can see what Monta can do in 30+ minutes a night. Let JRich go wild, make him the unquestioned leader the rest of the way. As for Murphy, let him do what he's been doing. For Dunleavy and Pietrus, I have no idea what to do with these two. Both are underachieving and neither deserve minutes. I say let Pietrus play, let him learn the game. He's never had a consistent shot at big time minutes. Dunleavy has shown what he can do. He may help us win more now, but it's more important to find out if Pietrus is worth keeping around.

the "do or die" stretch to hit 34 wins begins.
Lottery here, we come!

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