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OPEN THREAD: Game #64 - Warriors vs. Twolves

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Warriors (W-L): 26-37

Twolves(W-L): 26-38

Time: 7:30PM tip off

Here we are on the last game of a 5 game road trip. After a big win yesterday night, we need to avoid a letdown and beat this Magic squad.

Prediction: Warriors by 4

This exciting battle for 12th place in the Western conference continues tonight. This is a possible win for the Warriors, but they never seem to beat the teams they're supposed to these days. So anything's possible especially with future Warrior, Kevin Garnett, playing for the Twolves.

Prediction #2: Troy outrebounds KG 18-16.

Make sure to drop your vote for who you think will win in the Comments. If you're watching or listening near a computer, post any comments you have during the game right here.

Go Warriors!