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Thank God it's Thursday....

I hardly get to see the Warriors in action living in Michigan; when i do, i party it up as if it's Mardi Gras and New Years Eve rolled into the same damn nite--beads, boobies, and beers everywhere!

But seeing as to how the Warriors have been playing recently, its probably best that i save my thursday nites for watching my usual programming like the O.C., BET's Comic View AND Uncut, and anything on MTV.

But what i found most entertaining last nite was probably the Miller siblings broadcasting team.  As much as i find them irritating, they had some pretty good things to say about the Warriors, which was the same thing that everyone else has been saying.  Here are the quotables from Reggie:

Cheryl:  "Warriors big three Davis, Richardson, and Dunleavy"  

What happened to Murph?

Reggie: "Minnesota's key to success is KG and the supporting cast: Banks, Davis, and Blount who came over in the Boston trade.  Those three need to score for Minnesota to win."  


Reggie: "What is it going to take for Dunleavy to get involved?  1) He's not like Rip Hamilton who's going to run around and wear you down.  He's not quick enough either.  2) He's not a pick and roll type player either, he's not good at that.  3)  He can't make his own shot either."

Reggie made these comments in the first half before Dunleavy finally blew up and single-handedly maintained the Warriors lead and win.  I completely agree with Reggie's assessment of Dunleavy's lack of passion (at least in the first half) and his incompatibility with the Warriors.

Granted, I dont see many Warrior games nor am I blaming Dunleavy for the Warriors slumping, but he's totally enigmatic as a ball player.  Its like he's super good (17 pts in one quarter! overall, 24, 6, 4 is NICE!) or he just super sucks (a stat line that got as many zeros as Jay-z's salary).  This is by no means big upping anyone else, like Pietrus, who i thought equally stunk it up last nite.  Athletic yes, but so is Kwame Brown.  Really though, what is Dunleavy's role on this team?  I guess his relationship with this team is rather tenuous given the racialized comments he's made at his teammates earlier.  But if he can't make shots, does he make himself completely irrelevant in every other way possible on the court?  Can he play some D? get some steals?  assists even?  high fives like Cheaney?  Do his teammates also make him irrelevant? For good reason?

Another thing I didn't quite understand last nite was why they stopped going to Dunleavy and Diogu even when they were hot?  Once Fish came in midway through the 4th quarter, the Warriors offense immediately slowed and was reduced to chucking threes and long twos with opposing players right in their face!  Instead I saw Fisher driving to the hole and getting swatted;  getting the ball stolen; or getting burned BAD by Banks.  

Anyway, I'm happy for the Warriors because they got the win and i'm more excited because I got KG on my fantasy team and he put up some nice--though not dominating #s.  Reggie suggested that the Warriors might have some pieces to trade to Minny for KG......  

As ATMA would say "FREE KG!"

Favorite moment of the nite: After a three point play conversion by Diogu, camera panning directly @ Cheaney who offers high fives all around!

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