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Rise to the Occasion

An underachieving team? An overmatched coach? A front office in way over their heads? 12 years without the playoffs?

What does that equal?

Money hungry Warrior owner Chris Cohan and President Robert Rowell think that equals a 15% hike in season ticket prices. From the true Knight Ridder Marcus Thompson's article on the ticket price increase:

Rowell noted that the Warriors will still have some of the lowest prices in the league...

Memo to Rowell: The Warriors still have one of the worst franchises in the league.

Do the inept tandem of Cohan and Rowell really think Warriors Nation cares that Arena tickets are some of the lowest in the league? Why should Warriors Nation have any sympathy for an owner and management that routinely have some of the best attendance records in the league, despite putting out one of the worst franchises in all of sports? There is no reason why Warriors Nation should feel like the price increase is justified or necessary when Cohan has made millions on a poor product in the nation's 4th largest sports market.

At Golden State of Mind we bleed thunder bolts. We love the Warriors and Warriors Nation. You won't find a more passionate bunch than Warriors fans. Cohan and Rowell are just taking advantage of the Warriors' extremely loyal fanbase with these ticket increases. Bay Area residents work hard for their money. A trip to the arena for a family of four including food, souvenirs, and parking could easy top $250+. I don't think Cohan and Rowell are having any trouble putting food on their tables. They're just being greedy.

It's painful for me to say this, but- I hope current season tickets do not renew next year and I hope no one new signs up for season ticket plans. We will always support the Warriors (the players, the Jam Squads, the coaches, the Warrior Girls, Thunder, and the Bay), but we hate to see Cohan and Rowell stealing so much money. It's corporate greed at its worst.

Cohan and Rowell are clowns. Yeah, I said it.

Homey the Clown's got nothing on Cohan and Rowell.

If you're a season ticket holder are you planning on renewing? If you aren't a current season ticket holder are you planning on signing up?

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