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Recap: Warriors 98, 76ERS 89

Who saw this coming? Dunleavy blowing up? Sorry its taken a while to make this post guys ... works been a little crazy or maybe i'm just shocked to see Dunleavy posting a whopping 28 points and shooting an impressive 10 for 17. Now if you were to ask some of my "ahem" friends on this site what they thought, they cleverly chimed that this is just another way for Dunleavy to screw us over ... by letting us win and causing our draft spot to slip into the abyss.

Well I do not want to dwell on the negativity so lets do a quick recap of the game.

Granted Iverson did not play, the warriors still pulled out a great win for the sellout crowd in Oakland. Dunleavy was the stud of the game shooting a high percentage, scoring a season high and grabbing 10 boards. Richardson and Pietrus both helped the cause with 23 and 14.

If Dunleavy keeps this up then maybe we'll have something to look forward to next season. I'd like to imagine for a second that this is the new coming of age for Dunleavy and bringing excitement to our team next year, bare with me for a second.

  1. Imagine Dunleavy averages 15 points and 7 boards next year?
  2. Imagine he develops a solid defensive stance this off season.
  3. Imagine developing a shot, that we could count on.
  4. and Imagine if Dunleavy keeps up his "eye" for the game and averages 4+ assists per game.
Just imagine we could get a productive $44 million dollar man and we would have a playoff team. With Baron coming back from injury for a healthy season, JRich blossoming into a Superstar, Ike-Murph-Biendras-Foyle "gelling", and Pietrus and Dunleavy actually contributing on offense and Defense.

Then my friends we would have a great next season. Is it me or am I still high from the win? Thoughts?

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