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Recap: Warriors 96, Spurs 107

Well.... there you go.

I have to admit. I came at it optimistic. I mean, honestly, what could be a better jolt for Warriors Nation than for us to take the World Champion Spurs down in their own house? (Thank you Toronto Raptors for allowing me to use the phrase, "World Champion") We're not exactly postseason bound here. We have so little to cling onto. Unfortunately after tonight, we have even less.

Boxscore | AP Recap

Go for it Mike! Ask him out!

Now don't get me wrong, there were some good times. Oh man. Gooooood times. We did keep it pretty close for three quarters as well as taking a lead for a bit in the third. Plus Pop got booted; and that was fun to watch! In case anyone forgot what that looked like....

This photo was taken seconds before Pop attempted to beat the ref over the head with a spiked club.

But in the end, our 4th Quarter-itis started to flare up, and no amount of tough actin' Tinactin could put the flames out. The Spurs did what they do best, and well... the Warriors did what they do best.

Even in our losses there are usually Warriors that shine and Warriors that end up being the butt of our post-game jokes. I don't really know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but yesterday, no one really stood out amongst either category. What I mean by that is that no one was a hero; and no one sucked too hard. If production was lacking in one category, it was almost certainly made up in others.

Fisher for example was offensively on point. At 27 points in the game, he seemed to feel the need to carry the team. Unfortunately, Fisher is our point guard, and distribution of the ball should be priority one. One assist is unacceptable Fish.

J-Rich had some good scoring and some decent boards, however his shooting percentage was pretty weak. Given the fact that we got out-rebounded by the Spurs (although not by much), poor shooting last night led to a lot of lost possessions. That is not the kind of thing we need to get a W; ESPECIALLY against the Spurs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry at the team. Any member of Warriors  Nation saw what was coming yesterday. I guess there's just a certain level of frustration in seeing the team play confidently (at least through the first three quarters), yet have everyone miss one or two key elements of their game that eventually ended up separating our beloved Warriors from hanging with a champion team.

Evidently, that separation is 11 points.

Daaaa well! At least up next we have the (53-15) Mavs on their home court! Nooooo problem! GO WARRIORS!!

Warrior Wonder: Tell you what. Post who you think represented an all around game best! I'm torn.

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