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Recap: Warriors 98, Wizards 116

Tonight the old Warriors beat up on the young Warriors. With Gilbert Arenas and Antwan Jameson coming back into town, they showed the fans who loved them and still do, why it was a mistake to lose both of them. Granted we really had no control over the loss of Gilbert Arenas, it still kills me to think that this guy was once a Warrior and now just another star who posted a 40pt night on us.

Tonight Gilbert poured in 40 points and Jameson added 31 for the Wizards who took control of the Warriors the whole game. With that Gilbert had 10 assists and Jameson grabbed 14 boards. This was too much for the Warriors to handle even with Fisher guarding Arenas. Hold up; if you didn't pick up on my sarcasm let me rephrase that. This was too much for the Warriors to handle, even with FISHER GUARDING Arenas. I might be the only one here confused as to why we have Fisher guarding the opponent's best players? Please don't tell me he was better then Pietrus on D?!?

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The only bright spot for the Warriors tonight was the stat line for Fisher: 16 points, 10 assists, and shooting 4 for 7 behind the arc. Other then that I really can't think of a single other bright spot. Oh wait, Monta did hit all of his free throws. Yea that's something positive! All four of them! Oh and here's another really positive outlook, I did some research and found that we are in an elite group of NBA teams for the worst free throw percentage. We rank 26th in the league, ahead of the Spurs and Heat. So that's pretty cool. You know because we sit near the Spurs and Heat. I mean come on. That's not all that bad right? Um because they are making the playoffs, so theoretically we should to? We shot 38% at the line tonight.

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Warrior Wonder: How about the fans on this site? How about the fans who pay to go to the games? Those are my Warrior Wonders for enduring another season of disappointment. Let's hope Baron comes back soon and Dunleavy keeps up his improved play. I call Dunleavy scoring 30+ next game! You heard it here first folks!

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