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Warriors in Midweek Dime

Warriors are featured in 2 sections of ESPN's Midweek Dime

1) The Warriors jumped to #16 in the Power Rankings.

Highest Rise: No. 16 Golden State Warriors I'm the one responsible for the Warriors' 10-rung rise and, frankly, I can't believe they jumped so high, either. As disappointing as they've been since that 12-6 start, I didn't think we'd see the Warriors climb out of the 20s for the rest of the season. But at a time when only 14 of the NBA's 30 teams have records over .500, spots in the middle of the pack are up for grabs. (Of course, as soon as we start expecting something again -- after road wins over Miami, Dallas and Sacramento -- these guys celebrate Monday's promotion by getting routed at home by Washington.)
Even after their recent hot streak, are the Warriors a top 16 team?

2) Make sure to check out the JRich interview. Some good questions and candid answers. Here's a taste:

Q: This season started so brightly after last season's 14-4 finish. Why did it unravel? A: You can probably point to a lot of things. We got away from defense. We had some injuries. I think [trade talk] affected some guys because lot of names we're being tossed in there. I know we can't use that kind of stuff as an excuse, but [there were] a lot of things. I'm going to try as hard as I can to make sure this doesn't happen again.
Make sure to read the rest of the interview as he touches on his free throw shooting, relationship with Baron, and a possible Warriors shakeup.

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