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Recap: Warriors 90, Timberwolves 103

Adam Morrison? Rudy Gay? LaMarcus Aldridge? It's time to start the lottery projections...again. Personally, I'd take Rudy Gay. He's been a little disappointing this year after the huge preseason hype, but he seems to be the most talented of the group with the biggest upside. Morrison seems close to peaking while Gay has a lot of untapped talent. We can replace Dunleavy and Pietrus with this guy. What if we traded for Marvin Williams from Atlanta and just let him play the 3 and grow there? Atlanta has tons of SF's, I'm sure we can get him cheaper this offseason than last.

Oh sorry, this is supposed to be a recap. Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Warriors lost. | Boxscore

The Warriors were down at half time and came up with a strong 3rd quarter to take the lead going into the 4th but got outscored 30-15 in the final frame. They managed to blow the lead with under 6 minutes to go. JRich was the only one who could score in the 4th. They were dominated inside by (insert opposing Power Forward name here) Kevin Garnett who had 23 points and 21 rebounds.

I liked how Monty tried to shake things up with a new starting lineup. Here's what the recap says: "Seeking to give his struggling squad a boost, Montgomery installed Golden State's 12th starting lineup of the season, plugging Davis and Andris Biedrins in place of Mickael Pietrus and Adonal Foyle. Montgomery moved Troy Murphy in at center and slid Richardson into the power forward slot, giving the Warriors a smaller, speedier lineup." I'm confused by this. Troy Murphy at Center, Jason Richardson at power forward, putting Andris Biedrins where? Small forward? This must have been a typo. JRich had to have started at the 3, maybe Murphy at center and Biedrins at the 4. I like the lineup actually as he's just going with the hot players. AB deserves to start.

The towel boy can't even watch this ugly Warriors team play either.

Baron's back, not at 100% but he's back and we need him if we're going to have any chance at making the rest of the season respectable.

Where did Murphy go? He'd been playing well lately, but today he was MIA. 7 points, 3 boards?

Pietrus played all of 7 minutes, scoring 0 points. Just let him play Monty. See if he can play because we have to think about resigning him this offseason. Give him more minutes.

Mike Dunleavy played great. 13 points on 6-7 shooting, 4 boards, 2 assists, a steal, and a block. Plus he's got the smarts and just flat out knows how to play basketball. He's blowing up folks. Jump on the MDJ bandwagon right now. He's All-Star material. His numbers in 2006 have been off the charts. Best 6th man in the league. Rudy Gay? Adam Morrison? We don't need no stinkin talented small forward. Okay sorry, had to get that out.

Keep your head up dogg. You can't do it all.
JRich scored 36. "It's not about scoring, this game is about winning," he said. "If I would've scored five points and we would've won, I'd have been happy." Too bad he's the only one who has any heart on this team. Just keep JRich and get rid of everyone else including Monty and Mullin. After Baron went down, he's just been off the charts. I have even more respect for the guy. If he keeps up his progression from season to season, he should be an All-Star next year.

We'll have your NBA Draft Preview coming soon. Actually no, but that's how it feels and that's all I have to look forward to for the rest of the season. We might as well get a jump start now, since we're 5.5 games out of the 8th playoff spot and dropping games like Foyle drops dimes from Baron.

Warrior Wonder: Calbert Cheaney. I love this guy. He doesn't get enough love from us here at GSOM. We would have been blown out if it weren't for his constant cheering, high fives, pats on the butt, and just excellent veteran off-court leadership. I hear he practices with the cheerleaders so that when they're on the road, he's got a routine to pump up his teammates. That's what I call a team player. Okay I really just wanted to give this to him since he's always so happy even though he has nearly as many DNP-CD's as made buckets this year (24-25). Seriously though, I'd like to see him play more. He can knock down an open midrange jumper. His D will suck, but that's no different than some of the other players. Plus benching some of the regulars might light a fire under them and make them play harder to earn that spot back. Give him 15 minutes a game and see if he can knock down some jumpers. Play Calbert! Play Calbert! I don't think we've ever given it to him, so props to my boy Calbert Cheaney aka C-squared aka Towel, he's your Warrior Wonder for this recap.

Since it's Oscar night let's hand out some awards:

Best Film: The season being put together by JRich.

Best Actor: Jason Richardson.

Best Actress: Mike Dunleavy. Sorry, had to do that.

Best Director: Chris Mullin. He fooled us all. He started out giving us hope as we thought this team was going to the playoffs. A 12-6 November reinforced our belief in the team. Then December came and the rest is history. He's provided us with a lot of drama (Possible Ron Artest trade) and highs (12-6 November) and lows (ummm too many to name). I wonder how this one is going to end.

Best Short Film: Ike Diogu. This would have gone to Biedrins but he's not fouling as much. Diogu steals this award at the last second.

That's for you Hash. May we all feel better now after looking at her.
Best Costume Design: Whoever designs those Warrior Girl outfits. Maybe that should be lack of outfits. Either way it's a win for us all.

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