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Recap: Warriors 106, Hawks 113

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I welcome you to the 2006 NBA Lottery draft.

There is NOT one single positive thing I want to discuss tonight. I do not care about anyone's 42 point performance when we as a team stink so badly! Every single game is now a do or die situation and we lose to the freaking Hawks! Need I really say more? I don't know whats worse, being stuck in traffic unable to watch the game, or having to sit in traffic listening to the end of the game unfold. There were times I wanted to drive my car onto incoming traffic!

So, in an effort to be less negative and annoyed I decided to send tonight's recap off with a positive note. I would like to point out the top ten things that went well tonight for the warriors in a David Letterman kind of way ... here we go:

Top Ten Things that went well for the Warriors Tonight:

  1. Well it was an away game so the fans didn't have to pay to see it ...
  2. Coach gave Dunleavy and Pietrus a lollypop for their exhaustive 13 and 10 point performances.
  3. An unbelievable battle between two 42 point performances. Yes this will definitely make the ESPN Classics highlight reel.
  4. Warriors practicing safe basketball: Absolutely no touching what-so-ever, especially on defense!
  5. Ike and Ellis both score 4 points. Murphy and Foyle each had 6 points. Look how cute, we suck in pairs!
  6. Coach's new playbook: "4 quarter play dead" going as plan!
  7. Team can now book their fishing party in April.
  8. Biedrins had 5 fouls in 8 minutes ... Welcome back my friend!
  9. Golden State of Mind's new Warrior appreciation idea. Lets all throw tampons at our players next home game. That should inspire them right?!?
  10. And the number one thing that went well for the Warriors tonight: They put Ike in a Hawks cheerleader outfit to entertain the bench. Didn't want Bonds to have all the fun!

No really that's Ike. Honestly. Seriously it's Ike!

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