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OPEN THREAD: Game 78, Mavs @ Warriors

Warriors (W-L): 30-47

Mavs (W-L): 59-19

Time: 7:30PM (PST) tip off

The last time these two teams played, JRich showed off more of his late game heroics by hitting a 3pt shot just before time expired to give the Warriors the win in Dallas.

Since then, the wins have been few and far between as the Warriors are now on a 9 game losing streak.   The Ws are honestly SO bad, that i don't even bother checking the recaps (except here) or even the boxscores (mostly cuz i've been eliminated from my fantasy league after holding the #3 position all season--THONG IN YO MOUTH!); I've since taken a liking to Real World Key West since it has more action in one episode than the W's have been showing off for the last three weeks.

Since the Ws have become so bad, i was thinking of the Warriors could possibly do what this movie did as a publicity move:

Could they possibly have a fan be GM for a season?  What if GOLDEN STATE OF MIND--possibly the sexiest and most attractive bloggers out there--were making the changes?  Not to buy into Asian stereotypes, but as Atma and I joke, with our South Asian and Chinese backgrounds in thrift and haggling, we could pull off the most monumetal trade in NBA history, possibly landing garnett for foyle and a bag of overly priced peanuts.  We'd could make any team feel guilty about forking over a star through our persuasive trash talking.  

Prediction:  DeSagana Diop sets a career high in pts, rbs, and blocks: 9, 17, 8

Prediction #2: W's by 1, again.

Also, speaking of Basketball films, what is your favorite and least favorite basketball movie?  If you say "basketball diaries" starring leonardo di caprio, you're WACK!  Drop your comments in the comments sxn!  

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