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Recap: Warriors 100, Lakers 111

In honor of the dumbest hoops commercial of the year- Kobe Bryant's Love Me or Hate Me Nike promo...

Warriors 100, Fakers 111- HATE THAT


Montay and Bynum showing some serious ups today- LOVE IT.

Kobe Bryant routinely blowing by Coach Montgomery's "stoppers" Derek Fisher and Mike Dunleavy- HATE THAT.

JRich playing tough and dropping 20 on a sore knee- LOVE IT.

The Warriors sorry defense getting schooled by Lamar Odom for 15 points, 13 boards, and 10 dimes- HATE THAT

All the Warriors getting decent playing time tonight- LOVE IT.

Smush Parker continuing to ABUSE Fisher and the Warriors- HATE THAT.

Ike showing some nice moves in the post tonight- LOVE IT.

Kobe getting so many ridiculous foul calls, especially on Pietrus- HATE THAT.

MP2 showing some progress on his handles, driving to the whole, and passing tonight- LOVE IT.

Dunleavy getting abused on defense again tonight- HATE THAT.

Biendrins not scaring any kids tonight with his free throw shooting- LOVE IT.

Zarko not getting a fair chance to play this year, while Dunleavy and Pietrus (without Baron) stunk it up- HATE THAT.

Kwame continuing to dominate the Warriors' soft frontline with 15-15 tonight- HATE THAT.

Lakers headed to the playoffs- HATE THAT.

Monty still the coach of this team- HATE THAT.

9 game losing streak- HATE THAT.

2nd worst record in the West- HATE THAT.

6th worst record in the NBA- HATE THAT.

Gone fishing 12 years in a row- HATE THAT.

More ping pong balls.. LOVE IT or HATE IT?

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