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Recap: Warriors 114, Mavs 102

Now THAT was a basketball game! That might have possibly been the funnest game Warriors Nation has watched all season. For some reason, we've got the Mavericks number this year. Last night's victory gave us a total of 3 wins out of the 4 games we've played this season. We did everything right out there. We were the team we all knew we could be.

Boxscore | AP Recap

Odd... Those sad looking guys aren't wearing Warriors jerseys!

I'm pretty much considering all of the Dubs' games from here on out as exhibitions. After all, we're eliminated from the playoffs, so we really have nothing to gain. Maybe it's just me, but it seems as though since we've been knocked out, we've been seeing glimmers of talent from those who have not delivered all season long. Of course, I'm referring mainly to Dunleavy, but I think all of us can agree that last night gave a new hope for next season. Small as it may be, Monta Ellis and Ike Diogu have the capability to make a huge difference with this team.

Granted, explosions from these two have come few and far between this year. But then again, they haven't been logging serious minutes until the Dubs were eliminated from playoff contention. The only exception to that rule was mid-season when Diogu started in place of Adonal Foyle. In my humble opinion, I think we placed the kid way in over his head too early. Either way, I was standing up and cheering at home when he was ripping down the ball off the glass. After one of his more ferocious boards, I think I saw him mouth to a Mavs player, "Stay the hell away from my Spalding NeverFlat, the ball that stays inflated 10 times longer than a regular basketball due to its patented new membrane and NitroFlate air technologies that virtually eliminate air seepage!" I don't know, it was something to that effect. I'm no lip reader.

Since Baron's injury, fans have been seeing more and more of Monta. And most of his outings have been positive. He might be one of the fastest handlers in the league right now. I know that's a pretty bold statement that is probably going to cause people to fire back with lists of players that could break Monta's ankles, but in regards to what the Warriors have to offer, Ellis is one of the few that can regularly shake a defender and make his way to the hole. His ninja-like play last night made me wipe a tear and pour out my forty in memory of ex-Dub Earl Boykins.

Boo yea! Looks like Earl may not be the only one Killin' Elephants!

Although the rooks stole the show last night, I for one would like to throw it up for D-Fish! Last night he looked like a... well, a point guard! He only chucked up one useless 3, and that was near the end of the game when we already knew that we had the W clinched. Other than that, last night I saw some pretty sharp looks from him! Maybe watching Monta turn his game on made him realize that next season he would be competing for his job as backup point. Whatever it was, I'll take it.

In addition to Fish, props as always go to T-Double. Especially in the third when the Mavs and Dubs were going blow for blow, T-Double had a couple of key scores that kept the Mavs from running away with a huge lead. In fact, props to the whole team for keeping up with the running and gunning of Dallas in the third. The look on Avery Johnson's face as we matched them point for point was priceless.

Overall, it was a hell of a game. And while it may mean nothing in regards to this season, I know a few eyebrows have been raised on the Dubs' potential next year. Hopefully the kids can come out to play next year!

Warrior Wonder: Big Ike! I don't know what lit a fire under his ass before this game, but whatever it was, I hope it's permanent. He was a savage out there last night.


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