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OPEN THREAD: Game 79, Suns at Warriors

Warriors (W-L): 31-47

Phoenix (W-L): 52-26

Time: 7:30PM (PST) tip off

This must be the best week ever!  Not only am I done teaching dumb college kids for the semester (thank god), BUT TWO NATIONALLY TELEVISED Warrior games...ON ESPN...THIS WEEK!  When the folks were planning the television schedule, they probably banked on the Warriors being a contender; in the playoff hunt or battling the Stoudemire-less Suns for one of the lower seeds in the Western Conference.  

Unfortuntely, while the Sun's--sans their manchild Stoudamire--become contenders with a team full of tweeners, the mostly healthy Warriors team underachieved... wait...should we just stop using the word "underachieved"?  They just flat out suck; no point in trying to justify it.  Dinosaur Darrell Armstrong (they've been limiting his minutes since he turned 29) described the Warrior's situation best after getting blown out:

"At the end of the season every year, they play like this. They play good, but they ain't going no ... where."

If the Warriors seriously flat out start sucking by the first quarter, I'm turning off the TV and hitting up the library to do some work.  

Prediction: Tim Thomas continues to overachieve with Nash, earning his way to another huge contract.  I. Thomas inks the deal after the season ends.

Prediction #2: Phoenix by 26

Last time the Warriors went to the playoffs, White Canadian from Toronto, Snow, was blazing the charts:

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