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National Media Coming Correct/ Just Tank It

The policy as Golden State of Mind has always been to call out the media when they're completely off-base (see They Don't Know Us), but lately some folks in the national media are earning their paychecks with their razor sharp analysis of the Dubs. Here's the hits:

  • Sean Deveny of The Sporting News calls the Warriors the team that disappointed him the most

  • The always acerbic Charley Rosen gave Warriors Coach Montgomery a flat out F for his coaching this year

  • The solid Warriors TV crew, Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett, earned an A- from for their work this season. If they didn't hype up Dunleavy so unnecessarily and give a free pass, they'd easily be in A/ A+ territory.

  •'s Weekend Dime comparing the Magic's late season surge to the Warriors 18-10 finish last year

Just Tank it...
The Warriors are currently slotted for the 6th pick in the draft, but with back to back games against the Blazers and damaged/ tanking Rockets and TWolves teams, the Dubs could easily slip all the way down to the 10th spot. Each meaningless win has meaningful lottery implications. It's time to lose (Blazers), lose (Blazers), and lose (Jazz). The last thing the Warriors need is another young player to develop, but a high draft pick is a useful trading piece.

This Warriors squad and management is deeply flawed, but hey- it's going to be a fun and active summer. I would be shocked if there were no trades. Much more interesting than last summer!

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