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RECAP: Warriors 110, Suns 102

I want to say that the Warriors looked pretty damn good tonite; but they played a team that didn't have 4 of their starters!  Check the stat line:


The Warriors were w/out Murph and Pietrus (a combined 18 pts and 8 rebounds a game).  Phoenix was without Nash, K.Thomas, Raja Bell, and Stoudamire (about 80 pts, 30 rbs, and 20 assists a game) and they still managed to keep it extremely close.  I have to say Phoenix's management is brilliant: bust-to-be Diaw did his best Magic Johnson impression tonite filling up the stat sheet w/ 11pts, 16 assists, 11 rbs, 2 steals AND 3 blocks.  Hayward High star--who i saw in person DUNK over a player on my high school team--did what he's supposed to do: SCORE, contributing 15 pts, 5 boards, and 3 assists.  

You're probably wondering why i'm highlighting the Suns players more so than the Warriors, given that this is a Warrior website.  

I'm pretty tired of "looking forward to the next season" and being "hopeful for the draft" with their late lottery pick, which is probably the same as having a late 1st round pick nowawdays (unless you have great scouting, which the Warriors don't seem to have).  Toiling around in the liminal space of absolute mediocrity and faux decency is probably the worst place to be.    

I rarely get to watch Warriors games and when i do, they usually put me in a bad mood (just ask my girlfriend! the Ws are hurting our sex-life!) But honestly, this season left me feeling less hopeful than last season.  One thing for sure is that JRich is definitely shedding that Mike Finley ceiling that people tagged him as (which ain't that bad either!).  He's got as many moves as Jackie Chan: upfakes, ballfakes, spins, and eventual fadeaway jumper from 15; its almost Jordan-esque! I'm not comparing him to Jordan of course...just saying it's sometimes Jordan-ISH.

But what about Monta?  I love the dude's intensity and I'm diggin the fact that he can get his own shot and distribute!  I noticed he heavily favors his right hand when he dribbles, but stuff like that can be worked on.  He can already play some D!

Another meaningless win.  Even Nash and Bell know it:

Bell: "We gonna hit up Kimble's East later?"
Nash: "Hell ya...mack on the fine bay area honeys!"

WARRIOR WONDER: TOM TOLBERT, for keepin' it real! Minus the Dunleavy props, his analysis of the Warriors shooting and scoring woes was on point!

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