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Hypeless Losers of 2005-2006

The soon to drop Daily Play Hype will feature some of the hottest coverage of the NBA Playoffs the hoops blogosphere has ever seen! But, before we get to the playoff teams, let's give a last look at the squads that couldn't make the cut:

Boston Celtics. So, Danny Ainge's plan is to waste Paul Pierce's prime? Amazingly stupid... Orlando Magic. Dwight + Darko + Jameer = magical foundation... New York Knicks. Thanks to Larry Brown, Warriors Coach Montgomery only did the 2nd worst job coaching this season... Houston Rockets. All that fattening food and all those fat people knocked out both Yao and TMac. Really sad... Philadelphia 76ers. My two favorite players (AI and CWebb) both out of the playoffs? Someone in Sixers management needs to get fired-- yesterday... Utah Jazz. Next year a healthy swig of Booze + a fully loaded AK47 = Playoffs (not violence)... New Orleans/ Oklahoma Hornets. The most slept on storyline of the year was easily that there was an NBA team in Oklahoma- Oklahoma! CP3- Stay up kid... Charlotte Bobcats. Easily the most WNBA like jerseys in the league. Props to Gerald Wallace for the steals and blocks- he's a turnover machine in the right way... Toronto Raptors. When Bosh leaves, say hello to the Toronto Craptors... Minnesota Timberwolves. Kevin McHale is easily the worst GM in the league. FREE KG... Portland Trail Blazers. There's better NBDL teams out there. Say hello to Greg Oden... Atlanta Hawks. $10 says they draft another swingman in Rudy Gay this year... Seatle Supersonics. They can shoot, but they're softer than Pampers. The trade for Wilcox was a great move, but can they keep him? Make these guys really super and move them to San Jo or even Fremont... Golden State Warriors. Aw those lovable losers. Who knew that when the Souls of Mischief dropped that Bay Area classic "93 til' Infinity" they were talking about the Warriors playoff drought? Cohan must sell... Cohan must sell... Cohan must sell... Cohan must sell... Cohan must sell...

Enough with the losers, the NBA Playoffs 2006 start tomorrow!

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