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Daily Play Hype #1

Bulls 106, Heat 111 (Heat lead series 1-0): I was thinking sweep, but this game was actually pretty close. Bulls might be able to sprinkle in a win for Blog-A-Bull (Bulls) before the series is over. Yo, Udonis- I hope you didn't put that mouthpiece back in your mouth after you chucked it at the ref. Now, that would be unprofessional... Kings 88, Spurs 122 (Spurs lead series 1-0): Call this the SBNation series with Pounding the Rock (Spurs) and Sactown Royalty (Kings). Sorry Ron, but I don't think you're going to be able to save the hoops world from boredom and knock out the Spurs...

Sorry Ron, I'm just not feeling you and the Kings in this series like Tony Parker obviously does.

Nuggets 87, Clippers 89 (Clippers lead series 1-0): The Clippers are hosting a playoff series? The last time that happened Chris Kaman was good looking- by cave man standards that is. KMart and Brand down low is going to be a battle for the rest of this series. Bold prediction: Corey Maggette gets traded this offseason... Wizards 86, Cavs 97 (Lebron leads series 1-0): It's only one game. Wizards will win this series in 7. This series should be called the Battle of the former Warriors- Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, we miss you at the Arena in Oakland fellas... Go Washington Warriors... Go Washington Warriors... Go Washington Warriors... Go Washington Warriors... Go Washington Warriors...

Boxscore Badboy
In his playoff debut, the 21 year old Lebron James scored 32 points, collected 11 rodmans, and dropped 11 dimes. He looked pretty much unstoppable out there on the offensive end.

Gilbert Arenas: "So what if Lebron dropped a triple double on us? Add up his steals and blocks from tonight and you have my jersey number!"

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