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Daily Play Hype #2

Pacers 90, Nets 88 (Pacers lead series 1-0): If your favorite squad made the Hypeless Losers of 2005-2006 list, then you better pray that the Pacers lose this series badly, so that Jermaine O'Neal gets traded and Peja doesn't resign. TNT announcer Steve Kerr was calling out the refs for that foul call on Nenad Kristic with 0.9 seconds that put Anthony Johnson aka Nate Dogg on the line to seal the steal. Yo, Steve aka Lord of the Free Rings and Nets fans (Jay-Z and the other 2 of you)- anytime you GRAB another player's jersey, it's an obvious foul. Kidd and Vinsanity in 7... Lakers 102, Suns 107 (Suns lead series 1-0): A Brian Grant sighting!- for about 3 seconds. Think the Bulls could have used Tim Thomas' 22 points (on 80% shooting), 15 boards, 2 steals, and a block last night?

Kobe: "Damn, I got outscored by Jimmy Jackson (2), Sasha Vujacic (3), Devean George (0), Brian Cook (6), and Smush Parker (15) combined?"

Kobe: "Phil, you miss Shaq?"
Phil: "Hellyeah fool."

Grizzlies 93, Mavericks 103 (Mavs lead series 1-0): The Grizzlies are a fun, scrappy team in the regular season, but nothing but a first round exit in the playoffs. It must suck rooting for a team that probably isn't going to get out of the first round in the foreseeable future. The Grizzlies have peaked. Actually, it really sucks rooting for a team that's missed the playoffs for the past 12 years (Warriors). It sucks even more when your favorite team's peak is 99 miles below sea level... Bucks 74, Pistons 92 (Pistons lead series 1-0): Mr. Clean couldn't break out the brooms faster. Pistons in 4. Pistons in 3 if possible.

Bucks Problem #1: They're led by a white Black Panther.

No wonder the Warriors drafted Joe Smith #1 overall in 1995 and the Timberwolves wasted 5 draft picks on him-- he's 8 feet tall!

Boxscore Badboy
The Wallace Brothers. Rasheed + Benny= 26 points, 21 boards, 4 blocks, 5 steals. Nice to see that those trades worked out so well for the Orlando Tragic and Portland Jail Blazers.

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