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Daily Play Hype #3

Andre Nocioni with 30 points?! Damn, even then the Bulls couldn't pull it off. Wonder if the Heat will pull out the broom and sweep Chicago away.  Time to bring in the secret weapon.

Put me in Coach!

I'm saying it right now. I love Earl Boykins . I want the Nuggets to win the whole thing just to see that little guy go all the way.
I gotta admit; it is weird seeing the Clippers in the playoffs. Not only that, seeing them as an awesome team?! It's almost enough to give a Warriors fan hope for next season. Almost...

Many inches shorter. Many times better.

Boxscore Badboy: Hmmm... was gonna give it to Andre with his 30 points, but that's about the only stat he filled. So the Cambinator gets it with the most powerful double double of the night. 14 boards, 16 points, and 4 swats.

"I'm sorry sir. We don't accept weak sauce here.

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