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Daily Play Hype #4

Dallas people are weird.

Onto the games...

Pistons 109, Bucks 98 - Boxscore
Commisioner Stern, please end this series. Have mercy on the Bucks. They have no chance. Other than gamblers, does anybody care about this series? Wait, does anyone watch this series? Wait, are these games even worth televising? I'd rather watch a WNBA playoff game than this. Wait, I take that back, that's a little ridiculous. Wait until next year Milwaukee, and make the playoffs with a winning season...a winning season...a winning season (we can only dream)

Damn! Look at her, 12 rows up, middle seat, red top...These guys aren't really paying attention to the game.

Yea I was bored watching you guys too.

Mavericks 94, Grizzlies 79 - Boxscore
Here's a little trivia for you...
Q: Who has won more playoff games in the last 12 years, the Warriors or the Grizzlies?
A: Neither. Trick question. The Grizzlies have yet to win a playoff game as a franchise. So take solace Warrior fans, the Grizz have won just as many playoff games as the Warriors in the last 12 years, exactly 0. What's more, it will still be 0 after this year. Yes, Mavs fans break out the brooms. Pau, please shave the beard, you look like a homeless guy on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. Maybe if you shave it, you might win a game. Shave the beard...Shave the beard...

Quote of the day from Charles on TNT as Avery was getting his Coach of the Year trophy: They're handing out life-size trophies.

Lakers 99, Suns 93 - Boxscore
The only good game on the night. Nash wins the MVP, Kobe's going to come out firing and drop 60 right? Naw. He defers to his teammates who all seem to have great nights on the same night. Lakers pull out the win thanks to great defense and great movement on offense. Phil can really coach can't he? Lamar Odom was great tonight. Dominated the Matrix on the block and finished with 21pts, 7rebs, 5asts, 2stls, 1blk, 9-12FG...All this talk about Kwame being this great inside presence and how the Suns are going to handle it is a bunch of bs. Seriously, let Kwame take all the shots he wants. Double up Odom, Kobe, don't let the perimeter players go off. Leave Kwame in a one on one situation. Make him score. Suns win...Let Kwame score...Let Kwame score...Let Kwame score...

Man I'm going to teabag you later tonight...

Boxscore Badboy: Kobe Bean Bryant.
29 points = $1,000 per point
10 rebounds = $2,000 per rebound
5 assists = $5,000 per assists
1 road win = priceless
Anybody see Kobe's dunk over Nash. Woooo. He got UP! I think his knees were at Nash's shoulders. Tea time. I can't stand Kobe, but damn that was a sweet dunk. I could watch that over and over and over...

EDIT: And here's the dunk in case you missed it:

I just had to share this picture with everyone.

Lebron, welcome to the playoffs.

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