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Daily Play Hype #5

Nets 95, Pacers 107 (Pacers lead series 2-1): I have to say this game was just... strange. Sometimes you couldn't believe you what you were witnessing. Examples:

Yo RJ- what's going on? Seriously man- what are you doing here?

Whatever RJ had, he gave it to Anthony Johnson here. Just strange.

Memo to Anthony Johnson aka Nate D-O-double G: Don't suck on Sour Patch Kids while playing.

Stephen Jackson aka Skeletor was luvin' the W.

Nets will still win this series. Win one for Uncle Cliffy... win one for Uncle Cliffy... win one for Uncle Cliffy...

Heat 90, Bulls 109 (Heat lead series 2-1): KAZZAAM! Shaquille O'Neal's game disappeared tonight- more turnovers (7) than rebounds (4), assists (1), steals (0), and blocks (0) combined to go with 8 points and 0 for 6 shooting from the charity stripe.

Hate to be the owner of the local Hometown Buffet when these two fellas roll in together tonight.

Shout out to Udonis Haslem's mouthpiece which didn't get the camera time it got in Game 1.

Udonis to referee Bob Delaney: "Talk to the mouth piece, 'cause the face don't wanna hear it!"

You heard it here first- James Posey will be suspended for one game for his cheap shot on Kirk Hinrich. Hope the Bulls and their great fans enjoyed the meaningless win. Fo'-won... fo'-won... fo'-won...

Clippers 87, Nuggets 94 (Clippers lead series 2-1): KMart suspended indefinitely in Denver. Nets super soft in the middle. Something's just not right.

The Nets and Kenyon Martin must be thinking the same thing.

Only someone from another planet could moonwalk and dribble at the same time. Sam's the man.

Well, we have a series. Ugly ball game, good series overall. Let's hope these refs don't work any more games for the rest of the playoffs. Foul... foul... foul...  foul...  foul... (x 68 times!)...

Boxscore Badboy
For the first two games of this series Jermaine O'Neal was like Jermaine Jackson (an after thought at best).

The one and only... after thought!

Tonight Jermaine showed that he had a little Michael (the 80's "I'm Bad" Michael Jackson that is) in him with 37 points (12-15 shooting), 15 boards, 4 swats, and 1 pick.

THIS Jermaine's BAD!

This is HORRIBLE news for the any of the Hypeless Losers who were planning on trading their garbage- I mean "young prospects" for O'Neal. Simple request for Jermaine from the fans of the teams gone fishing: Choke like Peja in the playoffs... choke like Peja in the playoffs... choke like Peja in the playoffs...

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