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Daily Play Hype #6

Suns 92, Lakers 99 (Lakers lead series 2-1): Props to Tim Thomas and Luke Walton- I never knew these guys had it in them. Who knew Tim Thomas still had game (18 points with 4 treys, 6 boards, 2 assists, and 4 steals)? Who knew Luke Walton was capable of playing the enforcer role?

Luke- That was a dirty foul... kinda proud of you though.

UPDATE: In case you missed the Luke Walton's hard foul on Tim Thomas, here's the clip courtesy of HRE:

Can you honestly tell me that you aren't itching to see these two teams throw down?

The most awkward moment had to be when Bill "Throw it DOWN big man" Walton criticized his son Luke for the flagrant foul. He's easily the most annoying and boneheaded commentator out there, but props to Bill for coming correct here. The MVP getting outplayed by Smush Parker? The MVP getting knocked out in the first round? Kobe was ROBBED. Smush you very much... Smush you very much... Smush you very much...

Steve Nash: "I'm a fraud!"

Spurs 93, Kings 94 (Spurs lead series 2-1): Ron Artest is a bad, bad, bad man and I mean that in the best way possible. Great game. Great ending.

Kevin Martin was CLUTCH!

We haven't seen Kid so happy since House Party 3!

So what if Gavin looks a little goofy? If only the clowns (Warriors owner Chris Cohan and President Robert Rowell aka the missing signatures) cared about winning like the Maloof brothers.

Nice to see Ron dominating the flop/ cheap shot artist known as Manu Ginobili. Ron> Flopobili... Ron> Flopobili... Ron> Flopobili...

Ron holding it down from 93 til Infinity.

Cavs 97, Wizards 96 (Cavaliers lead series 2-1): Tough, tough loss for the Washington Warriors. Still, this series is probably going the distance. It's fun to watch. If you don't like defense that is.

Drew Gooden can't even watch Caron's Butler's Superman imitation. Lebron just doesn't know what Caron's doing. Either way- the Wizards need to step it up.

Boxscore Badboy
Sure we were all witnesses to his 2 travels that the blind refs counted as 4 points to unfairly steal the game, but LeBron James nevertheless had a great night with 41 points. He was literally unstoppable taking it to hole. Witness the biased refs... witness the biased refs... witness the biased refs...

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