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Daily Play Hype #7

Nets 97, Pacers 88 (Series Tied 2-2): This one's going the distance. Easily one of the best 1st round series of the 2006 playoffs. It's too bad the NBA doesn't recognize this and wasted a bunch of these games on NBATV instead of TNT, ESPN, or ABC. Vince Carter dropping 28 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 steals, and a block isn't insane-- it's Vinsanity!

Nice win for Uncle Cliffy, fellas!

Mavericks 94, Grizzlies 89 (Mavericks lead series 3-0): As Fantasy Junkie astutely noted in the Daily Play Hype #4, the Warriors and Grizzlies have won the exact same number of playoff games in the past 12 years. Let's see if the streak will live on for another season after Monday. Sweep... sweep... sweep...

Hope Mike Miller, Jerry West, and the rest of the "built for the regular season" Grizzlies enjoyed that 6th man of the year award- 'cause that's all they've won this postseason.

Even the Grizzlies' fans are wearing white flags.

Pistons 104, Bucks 124 (Pistons lead series 2-1): Props to the Bucks. They avoided the Detroit brooms and managed to score 124 points on the Pistons. Both are a pretty big deal. 60% shooting and nearly 65% from trifecta range is quite an accomplishment for the Bucks. Bucks fan were just loving the victory. Swish... swish... swish...

Props to TJ for dropping 15 dimes on the league's best defense

Any guesses about what Rasheed is saying here to the ref after he got T-ed up?

Clippers 100, Nuggets 86 (Clippers lead series 3-1): Things aren't looking so good in the Mile High City. It would be a shocker if the paper clips don't close out this series on Monday.

Melo's got some of this year's best kicks, but they're not helping in the playoffs.

At least Melo brings the ladies to the game.

Sam's got very little ups, but EXTREMELY high hoops IQ.

You heard it here first (like James Posey's 1 game suspension)--Sam Cassell is going to be the next Avery Johnson. He'll be the next great player-coach. Within the next 7 years Sam will win Coach of the Year. If your squad was a hypeless loser this season, pray, pray, pray that your team's management is smart Mark Cuban-style and brings him on board next season for some veteran savvy and grooms him to be their future head coach. My precious... My precious... My precious...

Boxscore Badboy
The slightly cheaper and younger version of Ray Allen may be a little limited (simply a sweet shooting lefty), but tonight Michael Redd played BIG. His 40 points on 14 for 21 FG's, 4 for 5 3- pointers, and 8 for 8 from the charity stripe were extremely efficient. Bird-esque if you will.

Hi-5 to Michael Redd for sweet shooting that would make the NRA smile.

* All images from Getty Images or the AP

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