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Recap: Warriors 75, Grizzlies 100

Thank god this game wasn't televised in the Bay Area. Looks like it was ugly. 9 points in the second quarter ugly.

I predicted that Grizzly star Pau Gasol would blow up for 25 points and 10 boards. Well, Spanish Fly "only" had 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 dimes, but did manage to play some ferocious defense resulting in 2 blocks and a steal:

Gasol staring down Mike Dunleavy after causing one of Mike's 4 turnovers.

Some of tonight's lowlights:

  • The Dub's starting "point guard" Derek Fisher had a whopping 1 assist and 2 turnovers in 36 minutes of play.

  • The Warriors shot significantly worse from the field (34%) than the Grizz did from three point land (43%).

  • Dunleavy, Zarko, Pietrus, Monta, and Bynum shot a combined 5 for 29.

  • The Dubs had 12 assists to 16 turnovers.

Don't look now folks, but the Warriors now have the 2nd worst league in the Western Conference. If only my April Fool's day joke would come true. We need you Ice Cube!

Look up and down the Grizzlies' roster. On paper- are the Grizz 25 points better and 13 wins better than the Dubs? It comes down to coaching folks. Monty isn't in the Czar's league.

Monty should have been fired by now. The roster obviously has some gaping holes, but their talent level does not merit the 2nd worst record in the West. This is an embarrassment.

Warrior Wonder
Jason Richardson. Yes, I know he had a pretty poor outing, but the man is giving it his all and has been playing through a painful knee injury for the past few games.

JRich- Dogg, as hard as it is for me to say and probably even harder for you to stomach- it's time to call it a season. The wins at this point are meaningless and probably more harmful than positive because of the lottery implications. Rest up and come back badder than ever next year with the 2.0 version of the Boom-Rich backcourt.

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