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Daily Play Hype #8

Suns 98, Lakers 99 (Lakers lead 3-1): At the end of the 4th quarter Steve Nash got picked by Smush (by the way- Smush you very much) and Kobe Bryant dropped a beautiful high-arching layup to send the game to overtime. Then at the end of overtime, Nash lost the jump ball to Luke "I'm not soft" Walton which led to Kobe dribbling down court and draining the game winner.

If you missed Kobe Bryant's layup to send the game to overtime, check it out courtesy of fesuoymaster:

If you missed Kobe Bryant's game winning shot against the Suns in overtime, check it out courtesy of illmatik21:

If you think Steve Nash and not Kobe Bryant should be the MVP, then think about this: Lakers 3, Suns 1.

Kobe Bryant: "Oooops. I didn't rain on the Steve Nash MVP parade, did I?"

Only one question remains- does Kobe have a crush on Smush?

You gotta wonder- does Kobe walk around his house looking like this?

Lakers up 3-1 and Clippers up 3-1. We could have a really interesting 2nd round here, Hoops Nation. Battle for Staples... Battle for Staples... Battle for Staples...

The office supply tournament is coming real soon...

Heat 87, Bulls 93 (Series tied 2-2): Holy South Beach! What's going on? Why are the Heat having such a tough time with the Bulls? Nice blue-collar effort by the Bulls. Can they shock the world and win the series?

Like the Converse commercial, Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat need to get back up.

Cavs 96, Wizards 106 (Series tied 2-2): Lebron pretty much looked like he was playing 1 on 5 out there. It's strange in the playoffs so far, Kobe looks more like the team player and Lebron looks like he's out to get his.

Nice trifecta shooting from Lebron (7 for 12), but it wasn't enough.

Coming off an injury, Larry Hughes has struggled so much in the playoffs that he can't even bring himself to look at a basketball.

The Washington Warriors Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison both showed up to play. Warriors Nation- ever wonder what it would be like to get have a forward that can drop 22 points, 10 boards, and 5 dimes? Well, we had him. Jamison is the man. Mike Dunleavy Jr. has nothing on him.

Antwan made Gary St. Jean proud today.

That Kwame Brown for Caron Butler trade is looking like some serious Wizardry. Jared Jeffries also deserves credit for some good, versatile defense on positions 1 through 5. Note to Zyndrunas "Little Z" Ilgauskas: Stop flopping against guys who are a foot shorter than you. It's not only soft, it's sorry. Little Z... Little Z... Little Z...

Even Little Z's teammate can't believe his flopping!

Spurs 84, Kings 102 (Series tied 2-2): Charles Barkley always says the a series doesn't really start till a team wins a road game. This series is shockingly good thanks to the physical game play of Bonzi Wells and Ron Artest. They are the perfect solution to Manu Ginobili's Flopobili persona. Together they pack a devastating "Bontest" punch.

Make some noise for Bontest!

Credit Kings GM Geoff Pietrie for having the vision and foresight to put together a tough squad and balanced squad with all those trades. This ain't your typical 8th seed.
Hoops Nation is depending on the hick-town Kings to rescue us all from the June boredom of a Spurs-Pistons NBA Finals. In Bontest we trust... In Bontest we trust... In Bontest we trust...

Boxscore Badboy
The first half of the Bontest bad boys, Bonzi Wells had a great game with 25 points on 82% shooting and a whopping 17 rodmans. Bontest just might be too much for the San Antonio Snores to cope with.

Bonzi shows Tim Duncan a little love as he throws it down Bontest style.

* All images from Getty Images or the AP

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