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The Warriors' Greatest Roster

ESPN's Page 2 has assembled the greatest Warriors into a lineup that would surely make Don Nelson proud. Here's who made the cut:

  • Tim "killer crossover" Hardaway
  • Chris "draining shots like draino" Mullin
  • Mitch "the anti-Billy Owens" Richmond
  • Latrell "choke you very much" Sprewell
  • Jeff "dukie" Mullins
  • Rick "Mr. Free Throw" Barry
  • Larry "Mr. Mean" Smith
  • Antwan "shotput" Jamison
  • Nate "stormin' rebound" Thurmond
  • Joe "barely cares" Carroll
Is there any former Warrior great that you think is missing from the list?

Personally, I'd like to nominate Earl Boykins and Avery Johnson.

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