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Daily Play Hype #16

Miami 111, New Jersey 89 - Boxscore - Series Tied 1-1
Welcome to the 2nd round Miami. You finally decided to show up. Let's see what's a good recipe for success? How about a 41-19 lead in the first quarter? Hah but if that was the Warriors, we'd probably still lose the game. Wade came out firing with 17 in the first quarter and a game high 31. There's not much to say about this game as it was decided in the first quarter. It's plain and simple. The Heat took it to the Nets in the first quarter and then put it on cruise control the rest of the game. It's amazing how many people jumped off the Miami bandwagon or criticized Pat Riley after Game 1. I wonder what they'll be saying now after Game 2. The media an be so fickle. Well it's back to New Jersey for game 3. Somebody put out a missing persons alert because Kidd, Vince and RJ were supposed to be at the game tonight. Dwyane for MVP...Dwyane for MVP...Dwyane for MVP...

This one time at band camp...

This is why Pat Riley is a great coach. "Dwyane, here's the plan. Go score lots of points."

Okay, okay I give up.

Clippers 122, Suns 97 - Boxscore - Series Tied 1-1
Just a hunch, but I think the Clippers have an edge on the inside. There's that Brand fellow, he seems to be kind of good. Maybe they should give him the ball. Oh and there's that Kaveman guy, he's fugly, but he's big and can push those Suns guys around. That Suns center, Boris Diaw, isn't he supposed to be a small forward? See if you can guess what these numbers represent: Clippers 57, Suns 26. What stat would the Clippers beat the Suns at by 31? FG%? FT%? No folks, those are rebounds. The Clippers had 19 offensive rebounds. That's nearly as many total rebounds as the Suns. I may not be as insightful as Walton, but I think the 31 extra rebounds helped the Clippers tonight. The Suns better find a way to stop the Clips down low or else the Clippers will move onto the Western Conference Finals. Heck if the Clippers can make it there, the Warriors can too right? Here's my coaching plan for Mike D'Antoni, convince Amare that his knee is 100% and get him on the court. No seriously, play your bench 10 deep. Double down on the block whenever Brand and Kaman get the ball and go for crazy steals. Get guys in the passing lanes, trap trap trap. Full court press. Get the game to be uptempo to play your style of ball and try to tire out at least one of them. Score 145, give up 140. Brand and Kaman...Brand and Kaman...Brand and Kaman...

That's one ugly man.

Hey you can take these guys (House and James Jones) off the milk cartons, the AP guy found them, but mysteriously lost their game.

Diaw: 6-8, 215. Brand: 6-8, 254. You do the math. Okay I'll help, that's 39 pounds heavier. Good luck Boris.

Boxscore Badboy:Dwyane Wade. 31 points (12-19 FG, 3-3 3's, 4-4 FT's), 5 rebs, 6 asts, 4 steals.

By the way, Chris Paul won Rookie of the Year today and received 124 of 125 first place votes. Who is the idiot sportwriter who voted Deron Williams for first place? Please don't make these votes anonymous. People should be accountable for these votes. I'd love to hear the argument for why Deron Williams, who finished 6th overall, was better than Chris Paul this year. Puhlease.

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