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Daily Play Hype #17

Heat 103, Nets 92 (Heat lead series 2-1): In Daily Play Hype #5, we were cheering on the Nets to win their 1st round series for Uncle Cliffy (Cliff Robinson). Seriously, Uncle Cliffy what have you done? A 5 game suspension for violating the league's drug policy? The last time Uncle Cliffy got busted he was wearing a Warriors uniform back in February 2k5.

Uncle Cliffy: "Man, it wasn't me! It was Thunder!"

Tonight's game was an entertaining back and forth match until the midpoint in the 4th when the Nets got sloppy and their coach Lawrence Frank forgot what a clipboard was. How bad was it? Shaq picked Vince. Now that's some VINSANITY!

Gary Payton "The Glove" has tought the big fella a few things about racking up steals.

Even though GP's in the twilight of his hall of fame career, everyone in the Bay Area has to love the Gary Payton (Oakland) vs Jason Kidd (Alameda) matchup. Oakland vs. Alameda... Oakland vs. Alameda... Oakland vs. Alameda...

Suns 94, Clippers 91 (Suns lead series 2-1): The Clippers HOSTING a second round playoff game? Warriors Nation- as the man Jesse Jackson would say- "Keep hope alive!" If the Clippers can do it, anyone can do it (including a team run by the clowns)! It's amazing how the Clippers managed to hold the Suns to under 100 points and still lost the game. This series is going the distance. Let's just hope it has a better ending than Game 7 of the LA Fakers-Suns series.

1 bald point guard + 1 greasy-haired point guard = 2 not-so-good-looking point guards with game

Boxscore Badboy
Dwayne Wade with 30-7-10 and 2 picks and a swat? Vince with 43-6-3? Kidd with 10-8-12? Shawn Marion with 32 and 19 with 4 thefts? Elton Brand with 20-9-8? You really can't go wrong, but tonight's boxscore badboy goes to Uncle Cliffy. Cliff Robinson's a badboy for taking the Pharcyde classic "Pack the Pipe" a little too seriously. Let's pack the pipe... Let's pack the pipe... Let's pack the pipe...

I have no doubt in my mind that Uncle Cliffy bumps this classic album in his iPod.

* Since suing is the American way, I have to make this Crystal Geyser clear: GSoM does not endorse any substance abuse

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