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Daily Play Hype #18

Today, LeBron did it all, recording a triple double plus 4 steals, and this nasty block.

Cavaliers 86, Pistons 77 - Boxscore - Pistons lead series 2-1
LeBron keeps proving that he can hang in the playoffs, even as a first timer. He put up a triple double against the #1 seed in the conference and carried his team to a critical game 3 win. Nobody thinks the Cavs can actually win, but LeBron will make it as difficult for the Pistons as he can. I'm predicting the Pistons win in 5, so this win may just be LeBron's last for the 2005-2006 season, but it was impressive. So, congrats to LeBron for a great game for the home crowd. Now expect Rick Carlisle and Co. to devise a different game plan for him which may cause him and the Cavs to struggle. What was impressive about this win today was that the Cavs were down 3 coming into the 4th and were able to outscore the Pistons by 12 in that quarter with LeBron leading the way. Congrats to LeBron and the Cavs, enjoy the win while it lasts, it's probably going to be your last of the series. Detroit in 5...Detroit in 5...Detroit in 5...

Sheed has the best pictures.

See, he gives us high quality photo ops.

C'mon this guy is a NBA basketball player?

Let's keep this clean guys. Families are watching.

Mavs 104, Spurs 103 - Boxscore - Mavs lead series 2-1
Devin Harris played big the final quarter. He hit some big layups and had the key defensive play on a critical last seconds Spurs possession. The Spurs have the ball with 7 seconds, Horry receives the inbounds. Manu is supposed to come right off of Horry's hip and take the handoff, but he leaves a little room, enough room for Devin Harris to stick his arm in there and knock the ball off of Manu's leg. The ball proceeds to roll to the Dallas side of the court and roll out of bounds with 2.5 seconds left. That was the deciding play and Harris came up big. Other than that the game was a yawn, never really excited about watching the Spurs play. Dirk's line was interesting, 27 points on 21-24 free throws. That's a ton of free throws. San Antonio shot 32 free throws total (Mavs shot 50). I hope the Mavs take it for Clippers-Mavs Western Conference Final. Clips-Mavs...Clips-Mavs...Clips-Mavs...

Dirk is soft, it doesn't even look like Oberto fouls him.

What the heck is going on?

Whoa stop beating up on each other.

Duncan complains ALL the time. Just shutup and play.

Boxscore Badboy: The Chosen One. 21 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, 4 steals, and 1 block.

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