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Larry Brown's Got Next?

Take it for what it's worth. From

While the Knicks are taking measures to remove Larry Brown as coach, he probably won't have to head to the unemployment line. Golden State has emerged as a possible landing spot for Brown.

Although speculation has centered on Sacramento, which has an opening for a coach, a person close to Brown told Newsday that Golden State is more likely to be the well-traveled Brown's next employer. The Warriors are owned by Brown's neighbor, Chris Cohan, who resides less than one-tenth of a mile from Brown in East Hampton.

95% of the NBA rumors you read about never happen and this one's probably not an exception. Larry Brown is Chris Cohan's (one of the clowns) neighbor, so he's "obviously" (sarcasm) going to be the next Warriors coach? You have to wonder about the media sometimes...

Well, if this does ever happen you can be sure of the three things:

  • The Warriors got a HUGE improvement over Coach Mike Montgomery
  • Eva Longoria may never date a Warrior, but at least we would be getting another desperate housewife
  • You heard that Larry Brown was going to coach the Warriors here FIRST! (almost a year ago actually)

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