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Daily Play Hype #19

All LeBron, all the time.

Cavs 86, Pistons 84 - Boxscore - Cavs lead series 3-2
Well, well, well. Looks like we were all wrong. I really can't believe what's happening. The Cavaliers within one win of knocking off the vaunted Detroit Pistons. They've beaten them 3 times in a row including this latest one in Detroit. LeBron is playing BIG. The Pistons were supposed to be able to shut him down, but the Cavs keep winning. So much for the Guaran-sheed. It's starting to look like the last game played in Detroit this year was tonight as the Cavs go home for Game 6 and win #4 for the series. LeBron got some help this game from his two big men, Big Z with 14-10, 6 blocks and former Warrior Donyell Marshall with 14-13 and 2 blocks. As Atma pointed out, it's hard to believe that the Pistons can hold the Cavs to 38% shooting and still lose. I guess when you shoot 64% from the line and turn the ball over 17 times, you'll lose a low scoring game. Honestly it's hard for me to believe that the Cavs will pull this series win out, so I'm still picking the Pistons to win the series. I won't believe it until I see it, and it's actually more fun that way. Suprise me Bron Bron, surprise me. One more more more win.

Charles would be proud. "No flaky white stuff!"

Here's a proven stat: The number of wins you get in a series is equal to the number of bubblegum bubbles your bench blows at once. Pistons bench bubblegum bubbles = 2.

Sheed always keeping us entertained with the great pohot ops.

Spurs 98, Mavs 97 - Boxscore - Mavs lead series 3-2
Oh man, the Mavs could have pulled this one out and taken the series. How sweet would that have been? No more Spurs, please! Manu, Parker, and Duncan are all so annoying. Make them go away, Dallas. But first things first, Dirk is soft. He has height mismatches all the live long game and proceeds to take fadeaway jumpers. He choked in the final minute with a turnover and got blocked by Bruce Bowen when he should have taken the ball to the hole. Weak. He scored a ton and shot well in the first 3.5 quarters but disappeared tonight. After watching this series so far, I've been disappointed with Dirk. He's clearly not as great as everyone says he is. For one he 7 feet and being guarded by men at least 6 inches shorter for the majority of the game. Go down into the post and use your height. Second, he guards Bruce Bowen on defense. There's one problem, Bruce Bowen doesn't play offense, he sits on the 3 point line and waits. This would make one think that Dirk could help out on Duncan or block shots on the weakside. I'm just disappointed in Dirk. Not that he's had bad games, I just feel he could do more. Tonight the stat line is excellent, 31-10-4. Anyways, back to the game. Dallas is at their best when Stack, Terry, and Harris are on top of their game and causing havoc against the Spurs. Need more of that in Game 6. For the Spurs, Duncan came to play, again. He started 12-12 from the field and finished with 36-12-4. TP played well too with 27 points. And Manu was his usual Manu self, annoying, but slashing and wreaking havoc on the soft Dallas D. Tonight Dallas was playing catchup the whole time. They always kept the game close but just couldn't pull it out and that was the problem. They just couldn't get over that hump. Go Mavs in Game 6! Knock off the Spurs...Knock off the Spurs...Knock off the Spurs...


Thunder would kick his ass.

Let's do a former Warrior photo spot for this series because rarely do we talk about former Warriors in this series.

No not Tim Duncan, Eric Dampier. I remember this happening a lot when he was a Warrior too.

Remember Nick van Exel. I actually enjoyed when he was on the Warriors. At least he made it a little more interesting to watch. It wasn't like we were going to win anyways.

If you don't know, now you know. Greg Popovich used to be an assistant on the Warriors. I think he could help us out now.

Avery Johnson, the Little General, used to be a W. He's always fun to listen to on post-game interviews.

Boxscore Badboy: Yes I could give it to Duncan for his amazing shooting performance, but I'm not a fan. So, I'm giving it to LeBron for pulling out a huge road win against the best team in the East and finishing with 32-5-5. Here's hoping for a Bron v. Wade Eastern Conference Finals.

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