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Daily Play Hype #20

Suns 106, Clippers 118 (Series 3-3): This ain't your dad's Clippers. These Clippers are inspirational to Warriors fans everywhere! If the Elgin Baylor can win Executive of the Year and the Clippers can force a deciding Game 7 in the semifinals against the MVP-led Phoenix Suns (putting aside the fact that Kobe Bryant was the real MVP), then our Golden State Warriors can accomplish anything! With anything meaning making the playoffs that is.

This could be the Warriors... some day.

Tonight's game highlighted the fact that the Suns are both allergic to defense and Charmin' soft. The Clips shot nearly 62% from the field and outrebounded the Suns by 20 rebounds. That usually equals a blowout and this battle in the Staples Center was no exception.

Maybe the Suns need to work on their rebounding technique?

Regardless of who wins this series both teams have nothing to be ashamed of. Without Amare Stoudemire, most of us hoops pundits predicted the Suns would be a bottom tier team, lucky to make the playoffs. And the Clips? Well, no one expected them to be the last team from California standing. As a Warriors fan you have to throw up a "W" and keep your two middle fingers crossed for the Clippers to make the Western Conference finals. Hey, if the Clips can do it, maybe there's hope for the Warriors after all. Jump on the Brandwagon... Jump on the Brandwagon... Jump on the Brandwagon...

Boxscore Badboys
There's one word to describe Elton Brand- SOLID. He's carried the Clippers throughout the playoffs and the regular season. It's great to see Elton getting some recognition after all those fruitless years with the Clippers and the Bulls. He's always put out great effort and tonight's 30-12-3 with 5 swats show how big of a stud he really is. Someday the Warriors' Jason Richardson will be rewarded for his work ethic like Brand is right now.

Elton Brand- Dunk you very much!

Also props Corey Maggette who is making it harder and harder for the Clippers to justify trading him this offseason with 25 points, 8 boards, and 4 assists in only 27 minutes of play. The most impressive part of Maggette's game was that he got 25 points on only 8 shots.

Show the man some luv- he's got game!

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