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Daily Play Hype #9

Wigitty Wigitty Wack
Yao Butta Ming is Back

Mavs 102, Grizz 76 (Mavs won 4-0): The first official sweep of the 2006 playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks finished off the Memphis Grizz. I don't know what was worse to watch, the Grizzlies play or Gasol's ever growing "playoff" beard. I guess now he can shave that little chow chow off. There was really never a match here. When you take a guy like Dirk and say he had an average night where he scored 27 points, you know he is an official stud of the NBA! GO MAVS!

And this was before the game even began!

Pistons 109, Bucks 99 (Pistons lead 3-1): Here is another series I didn't expect much. I like the Bucks and think they have a bright future especially with two studs in Redd and Ford, but who are we kidding when they play the Pistons. With a solid win in Milwaukee tonight the Pistons look to finish the series out in their home town next game.

Might as well be Redd versus the Pistons!

Clippers 101, Nuggets 83 (Clippers won 4-1): Are you kidding me? The who won a playoff series? Sorry I didn't catch that ... the Crappers ... uh I mean the Clippers? 30 year drought came to an astonishing end tonight with the Clippers beating the Nuggets convincingly tonight to go to the next round. I am pretty freaking excited if you ask me. Sad to see an organization I could once say was at least worse than the Warriors, I now find myself at the bottom of the heap ... alone. But I wish the Clips all the best. Next series will determine how good they can be.  

The night was capped by a beautiful kiss from Billy. Thats hollywood for you!

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