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Daily Play Hype #21

At the beginning of this NBA season what was the worst possible thing that could happen? Well, it looks like we're heading to another painfully boring Spurs-Pistons NBA Finals.

Pistons 84, Cavs 82 (Series tied 3-3): If it wasn't for those seemingly 8 Pistons offensive rebounds in the last 2 minutes of the game, we'd be talking about Rasheed's unclutch missed free throws. Instead we're looking at a a game 7 in Detroit where Lebron and the rest of the Lebrons are about to get stomped. Witness the comeback from 3-1... Witness the comeback from 3-1... Witness the comeback from 3-1...

Flip Saunders: "Which way to the Eastern Conference Finals?"

Spurs 91, Mavs 86 (Series tied 3-3): Think Jason Terry regrets that groin-punch? Without him the Mavs were left to watch the always unclutch Dirk Nowitzki mess up in the closing minutes and former Mr. Maverick Michael Finley eat their hearts out. It's too bad this isn't the Western Conference Finals because these are the two best teams in the West. Look for the Spurs to win big and celebrate on that ugly riverwalk, much to Mark Cuban's chagrin. San Antonio Whiners... San Antonio Whiners... San Antonio Whiners...

Tim Duncan: "See you Dallas softies at the Riverwalk!"

Boxscore Badboy
Even though they lost, it's tough to look past Mr. Unclutch's performance. Dirk Nowitzki dropping 26 points, 21 rebounds, and 5 assists is superstar. He came to play. If Dirk had Jason Terry, we could very easily be talking about the Mavs in the Western Conference Finals.

You can tell Dirk listens to Fat Joe-- LEAN BACK!

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