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Playoffs for Warriors Fans: 4:30pm ESPN- Super Lotto!

The all too familiar NBA Lottery is today at 4:30pm on ESPN. Let's see if the Warriors can move up from the 9th spot in the draft. GM Rod Higgins will represent the Warriors. The Dubs have a 2.2% chance of winning the #1 spot and a 7.85% chance of moving up into the top 3; otherwise it's lucky number #9.

The Warriors need to hang one of these NBA Lottery logos from the rafters at the Arena.

One of the clowns, Chris Cohan or Robert Rowell, should go every year until the 12 year playoff drought ends, but that's another story. Here's hoping that the Warriors can rise above the rest of the Hypeless Losers of 2005-2006.

Go ping pong balls!

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