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Raptors Land #1--NBA Lottery Order Set

Let the NBA NIT Tournament begin!

Oh wait... this is the NBA Draft... my bad!

The Raptors beat the odds tonite, getting what is usually considered the highly coveted #1 pick.  However, unlike most drafts, many analysts and GMs are calling this year's crop as lacking any superstars and instant impact players, but having a whole lotta "solid pros."  Portland, supplanted from their #1 pick position, moved down 3 spots to #4.

Warriors stay @ #9 position for now.  

The Bulls are probably the biggest winners of the draft so far (or the whole season) even though they didn't move up or down.  Their deal with NY this year might potentially go down as one of the biggest draft blunders EVER--hopefully distracting people from the Warriors eternal draft miseries!  Perhaps the Warriors can trade #9 pick to Isiah for the Larry Brown?????  I think he might actually go for it!

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