Those Warrior Girls

Some of you know me as Cocoa Puff.  This past season was my first as a sth, but i've been attending W's games regularly for the last 4 seasons.  As a woman, it's my obligation to dislike the Warrior Girls and roll my eyes every time they prance onto the court half-naked.  I do, however, have no problem giving them props for a well-performed routine.  Sadly, those came few and far between this season.

To be more precise, it came a whopping ONE time during the final home game. I'm pretty sure the guy who choreographs the Jr. Jam Squad did that one since he danced with them and all. But whoever choreographed them prior to that performance needs to be put out of their misery!  And while i'm at it, i should also point out the really sad selection of music they had during these sad performances.  Not only did they have sorry music, but they used a ton of those sad songs more than once.  Hundreds of songs had to have come out during the course of the season and somehow they had a rotation of like 10.  I would name them just to emphasize the lameness, but my subconscious has chosen to repress them indefinitely.  Anyways, i'm sure any hate directed towards the beloved Warrior Girls can be considered blasphemy.  But if we can get past the excitement of girls dancing around in a variety of stripper outfits, someone has to agree with me that strictly from the dancing point of view, the Warrior Girls SUCK!

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