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Daily Play Hype #10

Pistons 122, Bucks 93 - Boxscore - Pistons win 4-1
This one went one game longer than I thought it would (Daily Play Hype #4). Congrats to the Bucks for making the playoffs and stealing one from the Pistons. Welcome to Warrior land, it's just that we have a shot at the number one pick and you don't (I'll take whatever advantage I can get). Onto the game...This one wasn't even close. One guy from the Bucks came to play tonight, Michael Redd. On the Pistons, Rip Hamilton shined with 40 points on 15-23 shooting. Chauncey played well as did BIG Ben, and Rasheed. So who will the Pistons be playing in the next round? Read the next game recap. As for the Bucks, good night...good night...good night...

They benched the starters? Oh wait, the Pistons 2nd team can beat the Bucks.

Whoa Rasheed, would you like some extra butter on those teeth? How about some braces? How can a guy this happy get so many techs?

Cavaliers 121, Wizards 120 - Boxscore - Cavs lead 3-2
Normally I would post the Lebron's 121, Wizards 120, but this was a team win. When James was in foul trouble, the team picked up the slack. In the beginning of the overtime, Eric Snow was there to score the first 6 points. LeBron had a huge night, but Hughes, Snow, Gooden, and Flip were there to help him out. Cavs will close it out in 7. Props to Arenas, big time baller. 44 points, 6-9 3's. I thought they should have gone to him every single time down the floor, but they didn't. Jamison blew up with 32 and Caron had 20 scoring most in the 4th and OT. This has to be one of the most entertaining series with Gilbert and LeBron going head to head with huge games. By the way, those TNT broadcasters were garbage. They were about as entertaining as Adonal Foyle. Actually, they were worse than an Adonal bank shot...Adonal bank shot....Adonal bank shot...(shudder)

Yeah Antawn! One of my favorite ex-Warriors and one of a few former Warriors in this playoff series.

This looks like a move straight out of the WWF

Boxscore Badboy: Brendan Haywood, 1 point, 2 rebounds, 5 fouls. Haha. I just wanted to share his line with everyone. The real badboy has to be LeBron. 45 points (17-18 FT), 7 boards, 6 assists and 2 steals, and the game winning shot as he drove around three Wizard defenders.

Tomorrow tune in to watch the Lakers-Suns. These two soft teams have been dealing hard fouls lately (See Daily Play Hype #6). And with the hard foul on Kobe last game, will the Lakers retliate?

Leave a comment on who you think is going to win the Cleveland-Washington series.

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