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Carnival #27

Make sure to check out the Super Edition of the 27th Carnival of the NBA hosted by the good people over at

Golden State of Mind got a "Bizarro" type shoutout:


Lives in the backwards bizarro world. Up is Down. Down is Up. He says "Hello" when he leaves, "Goodbye" when he arrives.

Golden State of Mind
Things certainly seem to be backwards in Oakland:
  • Despite the fact that the Warriors are lottery-bound, GSoM is now putting out some of the top playoff coverage around with their Daily Play Hype series (this edition makes another case for Cassell).
  • Despite finishing with the 8th-worst record, the Warriors have one of the league's highest future salary commitments.
  • The Warriors have now managed to miss the playoffs 12 straight years--no small feat when you consider how many great draft picks this has meant.

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